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"No good dog is a bad color" Max Von Stephanitz (GSD breed founder)

With the exception of active farming we still follow Max's vision of a well built, mentally sound, family companion.  While the breed was created to be a farm hand (herding dog) it also has the expectations of being the ultimate family/farm hand with patience, love and understanding of keeping the other farm animals safe and playing with the children.  Max's original book "German Shepherd in Word and Picture" has many photo's of GSD playing with children, sharing their food with baby chics, hedge hogs, playing ring around a posy with the children, hanging out with baby lambs... basically the farmers right hand as they also kept the children safe and the farm animals safe from predators.   GSD that we work with tend to be a happy medium with their mental goal being their family is their 'flock' they are to keep up with.  They take their job seriously and love with their whole hearts so if you are getting a dog to be a yard ornament then do not get a GSD, they want and need to be apart of the family.  More info.....

More info

50 shades of German Shepherds!

Not really, but pretty darn close.  There are many color and pattern combinations that most have never seen nor heard of.  

Colors are; black, blue (powder & Steele), isabella (lavender/mocha), & liver (chocolate), silver, white.  

Patterns include: Fawn, Sable, Saddle,  Solid.  

Secondary patterns can also include; Brindle, Panda, white spotting and a new unidentified white spotting (that is dominant, looks and acts like Panda).   All of these colors and most of the patterns are or were apart of the original standard that the breed founder wrote.   


Colors/Patterns are just the Icing on the Cake

NO matter what color/pattern you choose, the internal workings mentally and physically, our goal is to produce sound, able minded and bodied family companions.   Keep in mind we do get puppies that will also excel in sport 

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