White GSD ~


White GSD appear very regal or noble

In yesteryear the noblemen that rode white horses where looked upon in awe. Always appearing pristine and a look of cleanliness.  The white horses were a favorite and sought after to show a feeling of regality.  White GSD IMHO show the same thing.  While those that have owned whites know how quickly they can get dirty, we also know how quickly they self clean (for the most part).  With the great double coat GSD have the dirt/grime they play in falls off when they dry or are brushed out in most cases.  (photo to the left, white puppies born here)


More on white genetics

Since the gene that causes GSD to be white still have not been fully identified or understood, I am putting this link here for you to read the most current up to date info (published by a dog color geneticist employed by Healthgene in Canada).  These are pages I use as my go to for the latest findings.  This link will explain what has been discovered thus far. Hopefully in the near future the answers will also be published here as well.   (photo to the right Ramsey, born in the UK) previous stud here).



White is not an albino and has no health issues associated with the 'lack of color'

(Photo to the left Sweis, a breeding female here at our kennel years ago). 

As always health is most important and to date, the genetic make up of white GSD do not have any health issues associated with the white - or lack of color.  They are not sensitive to the sun as Albinos as most white GSD have dark pigmented skin under the fur and the fur itself keeps the skin safe from sun burn.  Black dogs will suffer more in the heat than whites as white refracts the sun and black absorbs the heat from the sun.

   White is inherited as a recessive, meaning both dogs must have the genetics to produce white. With   Horand  von  Grafrath being the first registered GSD, documented pedigrees to create the breed go back further. History books and information show a white  herding  dog  named  Greif  von  Sparwasser  (whelped  in Friedrich  Sparwasser's  Frankfort  kennel  in  1879)  was  the  Grandfather  of  Horand  von  Grafrath,  (whelped  in  Friedrich  Sparwasser's  Frankfort  kennel  in January  1895  as  Hektor  von  Sparwasser)  the  dog  acknowledged  as  the  foundation  of  all  contemporary  German  Shepherd  Dog  bloodlines.