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How to place a deposit

 In order to reserve a specific puppy or a place to choose a puppy from a specific litter I require a non-refundable   $200 deposit

Depositors choose their puppy in order of deposit received or put it towards a specific puppy in the litter. If you are wanting a specific coat type or eye color and want to send a deposit please know that those features continue to develop even after the puppy leaves us. Adult coat type/color and eye color is NOT guaranteed only estimated. 

A US Postal money order must be made out and sent to:  Melisa Smith PO 782 Saluda NC 28773, along with the money order from the Post Office, we need you to include your name, address, phone, email address, 2 airport choices if possible and what the deposit is for on a separate sheet of paper: Breed, sex, color, etc.  I can no longer take cashiers checks, personal checks, or credit card checks. The only money order accept is a MONEY ORDER from the POST OFFICE.  A  money order from the Post Office is less than $1.  The Post Office will take debit cards and cash for money orders.  Mail the deposit priority tracking from the Post Office! The tracking number lets me know you mailed it and the tracking number lets you know it was put into my locked post office box! 

You can also use western union, you can do it online or by phone.  For online transactions,  or Call 1-800–CALL-CASH and they will walk you through the process the transaction right over the phone using any major credit card. The payment is instant, no waiting, no worrying about it getting lost in the mail. 

You can also use Walmart’s Money Gram service at your local Walmart.

If you find you are unable to pay the balance and pick the puppy up and the puppy is 5 wks or younger. Contact me and the deposit can be put towards another puppy at another time within the calendar year.   

***Please note what ever money you   send towards the purchase of the puppy is NON-refundable.  When the puppy is picked up the balance is due in CASH on day of pick up.     

Cancelling puppy order

 I realize due to unforeseen events happening in people’s personal lives that things happen that make a family unable to get the puppy they have placed a deposit on.  

Any   money sent towards the purchase of your puppy is non-refundable.   If you are unable to get your puppy at 8 wks I will hold your puppy until it is 9 wks without a fee if the puppy is paid for in full, if the puppy stays beyond 9 wks there will be a  $50 boarding fee paid for each week it stays. This must be discussed on a per case basis.  

If your puppy is not picked up by 9 wks of age, any monies sent for that puppy are non-refundable and the puppy will be rehomed with someone else. Any money paid towards that puppy are non-refundable.   

Basically this is due to a couple of customers sending a deposit to hold a puppy and not picking their puppy up as scheduled and the weeks pass by with them still not being able to pay the balance and/or pick up the puppy. 

Guest book ~ Testimonials

With so many scammers out there we want you to feel comfortable getting a puppy from us.

You will find most of the messages left are from people that have gotten puppies from us.  While the entries are not current as of this year as my website has been down.  

With facebook being a form of contact for many, most today leave messages and pictures there for updates, (pupdates is what we call it).  

Link to guest book -->>

Sales Agreement/Warranty


A contract is provided for both you the buyer and us the breeder to insure that we both understand what is included with the purchase of this puppy. The contract may vary with each puppy sale. 

All puppies we produce here at K-9 PINES are required to carry the K-9 PINES prefix in their registered name, this will be written in on the original puppy registration certificate. After the prefix, you are free to name the puppy what ever you choose. Please email me for a contract as they are written on individual puppies and sales.    

We have a 1 yr *serious genetic warranty with our puppies. We do not warranty for anything that the puppy can catch as that is out of our control. We have a replacement policy without having to return the original puppy in most cases.


*Serious genetic defect is one that will shorten the lifespan of the puppy or deem the puppy to be a medical haphazard and require continued health care. Undescended testicle, ear not standing, coat not long enough, over bite/underbite (unless affects dogs ability to chew food properly), or the dog did not get as big as customer had hoped are NOT covered in the serious genetic warranty.  

In order to get a replacement puppy, the first puppy must be euthanized (due to severe illness), or altered (not used for breeding).  All medical documentation must be mailed to K9-Pines as well the registration papers for the puppy with the issue.    

The puppy will be replaced with one of *equal value.  Equal value = same color, sex, registration status.  If customer wants to get a more expensive puppy they can pay the difference and get one of those instead. 

***Breeding rights: We will sell some of our puppies with full breeding rights. Breeding rights can be limited at our discretion. Your registration will reflect ‘full’ or ‘limited’ registration. Please make sure you clarify the kennel club (AKC/UKC/CKC) and type of registration (full or limited/pet only-no papers) that will be provided for the puppy/dog prior to purchase.  I am not an advocate of neutering males but do feel in some cases it is in the best interest of the family or dogs well social being to be neutered. We do not require dogs to be neutered. If you want a dog for breeding you must purchase the dog with full registration. Not all dogs will be sold with full registration so please be sure to ask if you are interested in breeding.If you are unable to pick your puppy up this will be discussed on a per sale basis by telephone.  Give me a call and we can discuss these options..

Sales/Warranty Contract can vary this is a sample of a typical puppy warranty that we provide

K-9 Pines Warranty/Sales Contract Page 1 Breed: German Shepherd Sex:    Color:  Date of Birth:  Sire:  Dam:   Puppy #:    This canine is being sold as a companion.  A record any medication/vaccinations given is being sent home with this puppy. The continuation of other needed vaccines/deworming/heartworm prevention is the buyer’s responsibility. This canine comes with a 1 YEAR genetic warranty serious. The buyer agrees to take the puppy to a veterinarian of your choice for an exam, with in 2-3 days of purchase date or sooner if possible. (All charges incurred from the vet are the buyer’s responsibility). If there is a serious genetic defect, the canine may be returned within 7 days of the vet’s exam with a letter from the vet stating the exact problem. A serious genetic defect is one that will shorten the ‘normal’ lifespan of the canine or one in which the canine is suffering and must be euthanized. K-9 Pines will replace the chosen puppy with one of equal value. An undescended testicle is not considered a serious life threatening defect. The buyer is responsible for getting the replacement puppy from K9-PINES to the buyer. In order for the replacement to be given the canine must be altered, (if applicable) registration papers, and all medical document mailed to K9-PINES.  
NO MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED FOR ANY REASON This warranty does not cover any type of contagious diseases/bacteria/viruses/parasites/protozoan, or fungus at any point or time of diagnosis. The size, coat texture/length, eye color and/or mature coloration can change throughout puppy hood, we can not guarantee the physical features present today, will be present as the canine matures. The adult size can not be predetermined only estimated. This warranty is between the buyer and the seller listed on this contract and is not transferable to a 3rd party or new owner beyond this contract.  If in the event this canine dies within the warranty time the owner agrees to have a necropsy done to determine the cause of death. If a necropsy is not done to determine the cause of death then a replacement canine will not be given even if it is presumed to be a genetic defect. A necropsy must be done in order to get a replacement. This is very important for our breeding program to know why a canine has died. A presumed diagnosis is NOT sufficient we need a necropsy done to validate any presumptions that the vet may have.

Important puppy note: As with a baby vaccinations & deworming are very important for your puppy. The buyer agrees to read the enclosed article ‘Important Information on Internal Parasites’ to understand the deworming process necessary to ensure the puppy is worm free. A puppy’s immunity must be built up by giving a series of vaccinations. This puppy being as young as it is, should be contained and/or quarantined from other dogs, traveling, etc... in order to reduce the chance of catching a contagious disease/viruses/parasites/ or fungus. The vaccine’s are not at maximum effectiveness until the puppy reaches 4 months of age. Please follow through with the vaccination schedule & deworming, to save yourself and puppy the heart ache of sickness that can debilitate and even take your puppies life.

This contract is 2 pages and in order to show buyer acknowledges and agrees to the terms on the first page, the buyer/agent will initial the line below:

_______ Buyers Initials as read and agrees to terms on the first page. K-9 Pines
Sales/Warranty Contract

Page 2 Puppy #:

 If this puppy is being air shipped it has been checked over by my veterinarian prior to leaving. If this puppy is being picked up by the buyer or agent for the buyer is picking up the puppy the buyer or agent agrees by taking this puppy that the puppy appears to be in good physical health. The buyer understands that during periods of stress; travel, changing homes, changing diet, leaving mom & litter mates, change of living quarters, vaccines, & deworming medication can all trigger negative reactions. Puppies can also break with illness within hours of a stressful trigger including but not limited to a simple vaccine. The buyer agrees to watch this puppy closely for any signs of stress or illness, including; lethargy, vomiting, loose stools, listlessness, or anything that seems not normal for a puppy and take the puppy to the vet for any needed treatment. This puppy is now an infant family member, treat them the same way you would treat an infant of the same age.  This canine is sold as a pet; (not for show or working).    ___________Limited registration; if this canine is used for breeding the offspring will not be eligible for registration or  ____________Full registration; if this canine is used for breeding the offspring are eligible for registration*  * The mate must also be full registration as well for the litter to be registered.  No warranty of any kind if the canine is unable to produce a litter (male or female) or if the canine passes while under anesthesia while being altered.

    Print:  Name of owner as the canine is to be registered to: (Can have an owner & Co-owner)  Street address: City: State: Zip code:  Phone number:  Email address:  Puppy microchip number:
Special provisions or notes provided by K-9 PINES as puppy is leaving the kennel

 Purchase Price:   

Signature of buyer or agent:__________________________________ Date:_____________

Signature of K-9 Representative: _____________________________Date: _________ MELISA SMITH PO BOX  782 SALUDA NC 28773 828-691-9720
 828-691-9720 Eastern Standard Time
 Melisa Smith