Isabella GSD info


A beautiful star is born "Avatar"

Our first Isabella/tan born here fall of 2010.  His mom is Ivanna and dad is Quint.  Avie has grown into such a wonderful boy with a softer personality.    


Yes they are naturally occuring

 How this color occurs (naturally);  The d gene is for dilution (blue is a dilution of black) and the b gene is for brown (called liver in the GSD).  Many lines of GSD carry blue and/or liver just as some carry white.  When a Liver is bred to a Blue and neither carries the others color gene then all puppies will be classic black colored. If both carry the others color gene dd & bb, and the resulting puppy in the  litter gets both dd & bb, then the puppy will be isabella in color.  Which is basically a diluted liver.  Genetically they are like Weimaraner coloration.


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Isabella looks different in different types of light.  As well as the shades of blue inherited and the depth of liver inherited as well.  So some can be darker than others, look more liver than others or look more powder blue than others.  They can come in all patterns, Isabella is just the color.