Fawn GSD info


As always color is the icing on the GSD cake

 Ay Fawn German Shepherd Information 

I had never heard the term "Ay Sable", much less know of their existence in the GSD gene pool. "Ay" is the genetic pattern code for a pattern in the canine genome.  It is documented in the Great Dane, Pug, Chihuahua, Belgium Malinoi, and many other breeds.  As it turns, out there are many Ay Fawn Sables showing up throughout the GSD gene pool, they have been called: reds, crèmes, red sables, and tans. Fawn,  is what this pattern is called in other breeds such as the Great Dane.  in many instances they are showing up in litters when white GSDs are bred to a colored GSD; which leads me to believe this color / pattern has been hiding in the white GSD pedigrees for many generations as it was thought to have been bred out.   

Spring of 2006, I bred a newly acquired white female (whose pedigree is at least four generations of white GSD) to my liver / tan male.  She had eight puppies; four aw sables (traditional sables) and three ay sables (Fawns).  I kept an ay fawn female, and named her Mya.  

Mya went on to produce puppies for us with varoius males, with the majority of the puppies having no black hairs bleed through on the back.   Over the years, we have produced blue face fawn, liver face fawn and the classic black faced fawn.

How did Fawn get into the GSD gene pool?

 Fawn GSD are a naturally occurring color within the GSD gene pool.   The color has been apart of the original gene pool from the start.  The pattern is listed on the registration certificate as sable.  Sable encompasses both Fawn and Sable GSD.  Fawns can be very light shade of creme all the way to a rich red.  The base color is not affected by Ay Fawn.  Meaning one can be black fawn, blue fawn, liver fawn, they can also have other patterns incorporated at the same time as well, such as Fawn with Panda pattern.  

Do you have a fawn?

Since Fawn can appear like that of a sable, especially when they are born, it can be difficult to know if what you are seeing is a fawn or a sable.  Feel free to send me a picture of the puppy or puppies you have and I may be able to help identify what you have.  Also I am in the market for an unrelated nice long coat fawn male to add to my own breeding program.  

Photo credit

The photo of the Fawn male above  is "Kumpy".  Kumpy was born here, his mom is Mya.  His awesome owner Tim, has given us permission to use photos of him to show off his black fawn pattern.  His owner Tim loves taking Kumpy exploring, his many forest hikes and explorations has been a great way to capture pictures of Kumpy having a good time.  Thank you Tim for taking such good care of Kumpy!

Added note on Fawn pattern

The fawn pattern can be the base of brindle.  The fawn pattern as well as the sable pattern can hide under the brindle.  There are other instances of patterns 'hiding' under other patterns, its all quite interesting.